Luv Letters

People always find creative ways to express their feelings. One of the most popular ways, of all time, is through luv letters, and we all know it.

Nothing says it better than a luv letter.

A luv letter is a romantic way of expressing love in written form. These days, luv letters may be sent by postal mail, electronic mail, or even text messages. A luv letter can be a brief short message of love, or a long explanation of feelings to a person.

People prefer writing luv letters because it’s easier to express one’s feelings on paper than face-to-face contact. There’s no need to rush anything. They can take as much time as they want, and write their sentiments as it comes to them. This is true especially if you’re just about to confess your feelings.

Before telecommunications, luv letters formed the basic foundation of courtship and communication. Those days there are no mobile phones. No email either. It was only through luv letters that lovers separated by war were able to communicate at the time. Sometimes soldiers exchanged addresses with young ladies and sent them luv letters to initiate a relationship.

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