Luv Poems

Like we said earlier, people always find creative ways to express their love feelings, and perhaps there’s no more creative way to say “I love you” than to say it in a luv poem.

A poem is a literary art form in which language is used to reach extreme evocative and aesthetic qualities. Some of the most gifted writers in the world are poets—in fact, Shakespeare himself was a poet. Poems written to express feelings of love are called love poets. Shakespeare was a love poet, too.

In the old days, luv poems can span as much as several pages. Luv poems usually fall under the categories of epic poetry, dramatic poetry, lyric poetry, or prose poetry. A poem in any form is considered a luv poem as long as it contemplates on the feelings and qualities of love.

Today luv poems are much shorter, often comprising a few short lines. Luv poems are usually included at the end of a love letter, or else sent to the special person through text message. It’s a great way to express your feelings using only a few words.

You can download luv poems directly from the Internet. Or if you’re feeling creative you can write one yourself.