Luv Cards

Luv cards never fail to deliver.

Whether you’re giving it to someone special, or else as a gift to a sick friend or relative, luv cards always carry that hint of thoughtfulness and affection that made them popular in the first place. Buying a luv card for someone is definitely effort well spent.

A luv card is a type of greeting card that focuses on the message of love and affection. Luv cards are simple cards made from high quality paper, usually with an illustration on the front. Some luv cards contain love quotes or passages as an added complement to the sender’s personal message.

But take note that the term luv card doesn’t only apply to boy/girl love, or husband/wife love, one or the other. It can also refer to cards given during Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or even to cards given to a friend. These cards carry the same meaning that is love, after all.

Luv cards are sold in most local stores of books and office supplies. But a newer trend is selling luv cards online. There are already several companies that are in the business of marketing and selling their luv card products on their websites.

Say the right words, and say them right, with the perfect luv card.