Luv Lyrics

When was the last time you heard a love song play on the radio? That love song probably contained luv lyrics, though you probably didn’t give it much thought at the time. Luv lyrics are the foundation of love songs or even songs from other music genres, just about.

The term lyrics came from the word lyricos, which is a Greek word, meaning “singing to the lyre”. In 1830, the word lyrics was officially associated to the meaning “words of a popular song,” making luv lyrics the words to a popular love song, or a song about love or confession of love.

It’s safe to say that luv lyrics are in more ways than one associated with love poetry. Lyrics are after all simply poems with music, take away the standard form of chorus and bridges and etc.

Luv lyrics are right up there as one of the most popular type of lyrics in the music industry these days. Most if not all love songs are composed of luv lyrics. But even rock songs or songs from other genres may contain luv lyrics. Simply put, love is a universal subject that fits in just about any type of music.

Listen very carefully to what makes luv lyrics click next time you hear a love song on the radio.